1 - Governor Confucius Moura to treat on more than 30 offices throughout the state of education in his blog on February 18, 2010 says: "Do you have signed the design of which will truly make my government's policy of Education or just think a rotation policy that moves and stirs fruitless to stay the same? "For it is necessary to know, first and" truly "what is this desire of Mr. Governor. What is your education policy "truly"? Otherwise, it's difficult to select leaders that he appointed people who are identified with them. For the population, they are not very clear yet. In terms of education: worsened. Ask any teacher what the government will be held in four years, nobody knows yet.

2 - The chances are that his advisers are aware of, at most, an approximate version of these desires that roam unleashed on the "nut" official Mr. Governor and look there. Was there part of your care excellence at the very least, choose the secretaries in accordance with these desires or goals of his government for four years in office? Another question: the desire to have power by a ruling only if they occur? Them come true? Their desires are unique to or of the political group that helped him become governor? Imagine if these desires are different? But leaving that issue for later, and assuming that their wishes have the power to actually happen as they are in their nut: you took care to inform and explain them to his cabinet? They were writing what you want or you just said only the mouth as his two predecessors used to do? "I rule!" "I speak and it happens!" The "word" made flesh!

3 - It is clear that goals are born from the realization of the reality which we live. In its assessment of that project to look at it. The goals reflect a government that look, that way of seeing reality and should be public, widely advertised to the attention of all. It is necessary that the population becomes aware of the view that government has of herself and her experiences, as translated into goals that guide their actions. Even so they can be evaluated by the people on them. It is expected therefore that the choice of staff who will work directly and indirectly with the governor also is based on these public objectives of government. And that staff do their utmost to achieve those goals. Therefore, it is important to know what are those desires that you have been governor for even that, for example, can assess the relevance or otherwise of the representations of teaching the way they have worked so far.

4 - But it is unfortunate that things never worked like that Your Excellency. The representations of teaching spaces are filled with bureaucratic teachers, misappropriated function, undergo the technocrats and even some people who are tender. A privileged minority. Some among those with a poor training and other training with a dubious placed in there just to have others do what they do. And most crowded there for a reason to continue until the disease is the lamb that was within the school: beings mere executors of orders. But none of them was placed there by merit, arising from a tender made specifically to meet the technical needs of an organ like this. As a thinking tool, the structurally RENs should be evaluated to see whether or not they are capable of helping the government achieve its goals for education. If necessary, the government reform or end up with them. What can not happen is the governor be bad just thinking about her existence.

5 - Finally, as important as the goals: are the means to achieve them. Unlike those, these have to be built on freedom, democratically, so that the creative juices flowing. This up and down. Governor of the most humble janitor in the civil service. What has to be uniform are the goals of the elected government, not the way how to achieve them. We must end the habit, tradition and fucking bitch to impose top-down way as some people want things to happen. It is essential that in every area, people who have been appointed to head it, and have clear objectives, have the greatness of democracy, are democratic, I point to allow your headed to, in freedom, to act creatively as long as they help objectives are achieved. And that every Public Servant should be evaluated based on those goals, how much approached or moved away from them. Not because their services do not exact the way determined by their immediate supervisors so that within schools and other public offices are not just an extension of the head, a "mandocracia" as it has been for the government CACA. Thus, both the goals and the means to achieve them can be evaluated internally and externally, may suffer, if necessary, corrections along the way the elected Government.

Ex-Professor Moses Peixoto
[Text translated by Google-rough translation.]

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